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Please ensure that you read and understand the following lake rules, they are there for your safety and enjoyment as well as other lake users.


Any driver of a jetbike with 180hp or more must be over the age of 16 years. (No RYA exemption).

Any driver of a jetbike which is supercharged or over 180hp must  have  an RYA PWC proficiency certificate.

Any type of abusive or threatening behaviour will result is loss of membership or day permit.

No children under 12 years of age to take control of a jetbike without an RYA PWC proficiency certificate, 16 years without RYA PWC  proficiency certificate.

Buoyancy aids must be worn and done up at all times whilst on the water.

No racing is permitted.

Keep a safe distance from other jet bikes.

Keep to the designated areas.

Direction of course must be adhered to. Take notice  of  any directional buoys  or signs around the lake - if in doubt ASK!

Keep to the speed limit in specified areas.

Over taking is to be done on the right of other users.

Keep well away from any rider in the water.

Parents should check their insurance policies to ensure that their children are insured to ride the craft.

All members and day permit launchers must be insured against third party risks minimum £1,000,000.00.

Proof of insurance must be presented on arrival at the site, proof of insurance must be carried at all times whilst at the site. Failure to provide proof of insurance when requested will result in cancellation of any right to use the site.

Failure to renew insurance will render person or persons concerned legally responsible for any incident or accident.

Members and day permit launchers are responsible for all persons using their machine. It is the members or day permit launchers responsibility to ensure that anyone using their machine is insured to do so.

Alcohol - DO NOT DRINK AND RIDE! Anyone suspected of alcohol or drug use will be told to leave immediately, this will result in cancellation of membership / day permit.

Kingsbury Jet Bike reserves the right to cancel or refuse membership, payment of the membership / permit fee is an acknowledgement of these rules and conditions, any breach of which may result in cancellation of membership.

Anyone found abusing the facilities provided will be asked to leave.